Big news for Origami Yoda — The sequel is official!

The sequel to Origami Yoda
comes out in 2011!!

But I can’t tell you the title yet. Why not? Because it’s TOP SECRET until The Big Reveal on Jan. 15 at ALA Midwinter.

But here’s a hint….

It’ll be one of these guys!
Can you guess who?


5 Responses

  1. Yaaaaaay! Congrats!!

  2. That is AWESOME news. Meanwhile, we’ll just keep reading our copy of #1 and laughing every single time.

  3. Hurrah! I voted for Admiral Akbar, though Chewie and Han also have interstellar pearls of wisdom. Besides “Origami Akbar” rolls off the tongue most easily of the four choices.

  4. […] A sequel is on the way in 2011. Which is awesome. […]

  5. Great News!!! Can’t wait!

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