Sam & Cece’s Holiday Funland – Holiday Wrap-Up

Ben Fluharty, 16 months old, did not want to sit on Santa's lap in 2001.
The paper I write for, The Roanoke Times, has an all-time great section today: readers sent in photos of kids screaming n Santa’s lap. The online gallery is even better than the print one, so enjoy:


Sam & Cece’s Holiday Funland – Day 21 – Snowflakes in My Heart

Here’s the cover from our Christmas Album: Ye Olde School Xmas.
Folks, this was so long ago that we sent it out on cassette tapes!! So, I’m leaping into the 21st century by making videos from the music and posting them on Youtube.
Yesterday we had my old Heat Miser remix, today it’s Cece’s turn with her Country-Techno Wondermix- Snowflakes in my Heart.
The video includes shots of some of our favorite hat-wearing Christmas buddies, including Sock Monkey himself! Plus lots of Suzy Snowflake goodness!

Sam & Cece’s Holiday Funland – Day 20 – Heat Miser Remix Music Video

Yes, once upon a time, Cece and I made albums of Christmas music each year. This cover from one year may be better than any music we ever made….
(Yes, I liked the phrase “Hot on the Mike” even then. )
No new music this year, but I have turned a couple of the classic hits into Youtube videos. Here’s the first: Heat Miser In the House!

Sam & Cece’s Holiday Funland – Day 19 – The Making Of…

Here we see Cece’s pencil sketch, an early computer rendering and a close-up of one of the many details she put on the card to give it the appearance of a piece of old-time sheet music.
The result….
It was packed with silly lyrics and other gags inside, too.

Sam & Cece’s Holiday Funland – Day 18 – Sock Monkey writes to Santa


Cece drew this (and a bunch of other portraits of Sock Monkey) directly on the wrapping paper of some presents the other year. I thought this one captured his personality nicely.

Note the line on his right ear. She always puts in that line, even in tiny little sketches because Sock Monkey really does have a white tip on that ear.

Sam & Cece’s Holiday Funland – Day 17 – Merry Martin Van Buren


Sam & Cece’s Holiday Funland – Day 16 – Origami Santa Claus


Here are some little Origami Santa Clausi of my own design. Some of them have crossed the line into kirigami perhaps, since little snips or tears give a more whiskery look. (They also break Origami rules by being a big mess on the reverse side.)

Below is one made from a rectangle to give a bigger beard.


And for NO good reason, here’s a wrapping paper Vortex version…


Click to see full size…

Sam & Cece’s Holiday Funland – Day 15 – The Mayor of Holiday Funland!

He’s not just the Mayor of Living Island, he’s also the mayor of Holiday Funland!


It’s H.R. Pufnstuf, lovingly recreated by Cece Bell and a’hanging on our tree!

Sam & Cece’s Holiday Funland – Day 14 – On a bright Hawaiian Christmas day


Sam & Cece’s Holiday Funland – Days 13 – a classic Sock Monkey Christmas Card