The Llama in the Hat has Landed! – or – Origami Yoda Arrives!

How’s this for the best Christmas present ever…

Origami Yoda

Charlie Christmas reads Origami Yoda

My awesome editor zipped this to me on Christmas Eve! It’s the paperback advance reader copy of Origami Yoda! She even wrapped it!

After so much work it was wild to open it up and see what it’s like — crammed with doodles and details! It sure pays off to have an incredible designer working on your project! And of course, that same designer made the spectacular cover. Man, I love it like Lobot loves headphones!

Well, this sure has made my Christmas merry and I hope yours is too!

My Big News … Origami Yoda

Well, my secret is out at last. A lot sooner than I expected. The good news that has had me atwitter lately is that my crazy dream is finally coming true and that, with the permission of Lucasfilm, “Origami Yoda” is going to be published. This is the project I’ve been discussing online with the codename “LLama in a Hat.” But it’s not a llama, it’s Yoda! Can you beleive it?
Here’s the blurb that has shown up on the web,,,,
Tom Angleberger’s* THE STRANGE CASE OF THE ORIGAMI YODA, in which a sixth-grade boy and his school friends are given advice about life, love, and friendship from an origami Yoda figure often found on the finger of their strange classmate….
It still blows my mind, but as I’ve said so many times… my love for Star Wars is pure and true and somehow Lucasfilm must have understood that. The truth is that I had actually given up hope. But my amazing editor at Abrams SECRETLY had not. When she emailed to say that Lucasfilm might actually approve it … that was not just a career highlight but a lifetime highlight.
 And, on top of that, getting published by Abrams — Diary of Wimpy Kid! — is a thrill. My editor is wonderful and, as I noted above, the book is already as much her doing as mine.
I’m sure I’ll be talking about it alot in the next year — I don’t think it will even be out until next Spring — so I’ll settle back down and hush for now…
*not sure what name will go on the book, actually.

Another Yoda goody

Here’s a hollow Yoda that was filled with candy. I can still remember what that candy tasted like, too. It was tiny little pellets, sort of like Tart-n-Tiny’s, but it seems like it was a unique flavor, or perhaps one I’ve encountered once or twice since.
I ate a lot of it, since I collected the heads of many other Star Wars characters as well.


A few years ago when they came out with Star Wars TamaGotchi there was no real excuse for me buying one.
And yet I couldn’t buy JUST ONE. I bought all three.
There’s R2-D2, the Rancor (!) and Yoda: