School visit = more nasty poems

Here’s a shot of the kids at Roanoke Catholic School…
… They read my book out loud in class. Look how happy they are! Maybe you should read Qwikpick to your class, too!
Here’s a few of their poems for my Qwikpick Instant Poetry Contest. Just like the kids in my book, The Qwikpick Adventure Society, the kids are challenged to make a “smell with words.” But they only got  1/2 minutes.
These were a little prose-ish, but the kids made up for that in grossness, inappropriateness and crudity. Good job, kids!
Here’s one by a girl who was a little Marilla-ish:
“I went to the store
and I saw someone fart
it was a big one.”
And one by a friendly boy named Larry:
“The worst thing is smell.
The worst thing is dirty !!
Like you!”
One of the best images (smell-image, that is) came from Jordan in a poem about dog poop:
“It smells real bad. It also smells like brussel sprouts dipped in salsa.”
The winner, Blake, was only one syllable off from a haiku, which is pretty good for 1 1/2 minutes:
If you smell somebody
who ate burriotos and beans
run for your life now!

Kid-created 3-D Newbery Diorama Quiz

I may be overexcited about this, but I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did.
These are dioramas made by kids from Craig County VA’s McLeary Elementary School. They represent NEWBERY books which the kids may or may not have actually read. (#2 is not a Newbery winner, but is more famous than many that did win.)
Can you figure them out? (If you’re stumped I’ve put the titles in the comments and you can try to match them up.)
Remember these are Newbery or otherwise classic books, not random titles. Still … the last one may be impossible to guess.
Good luck. If you’re stumped try the Comments section.

Qwikpick in the Classroom – an ecumenical, stinky, holiday read-aloud – free classroom prize pack


If you’re a teacher or librarian looking for a story to read aloud this month, try The Qwikpick Adventure Society and I’ll send your class a prize pack to divvy up.


Qwikpick T-Shirt modeled by Warty

As I explained in another post, Qwikpick is a holiday story, but it’s an ecumencial one and, I hope, a realistic one.

Since the characters are a Jehovah’s Witness, a Jew and a not-sure, none of them are actually celebrating Christmas on Dec. 25. So, with time on their hands, they get into some stinky fun. There’s poetry, Ms. Pac Man and millions of gallons of sewage.

If that sounds like something your students would enjoy, give it a try and we’ll ship out a prize pack. To follow along with the book, you may want to hold a stinky poetry contest, an origami showdown or even a penny basketball tournament to pick the winners.