Ode to an Expiring Frog — belated Poetry Friday

We did ENJOY this poem on Poetry Friday, I just didn’t get it online till now.

Cece and I are watching a BBC production of The Pickwick Papers from 1985*. Quite enjoyable, in a Pickwickian way, of course. (Actually, despite my love of the book, I still fail to grasp the menaing of the term Pickwickian.)

Anyway, here is the poem, which was read by the poet’s husband in the book and with gusto by the poetess herself in the BBC version.:

‘“Can I view thee panting, lying
On thy stomach, without sighing;
Can I unmoved see thee dying
On a log
Expiring frog!”’

‘“Say, have fiends in shape of boys,
With wild halloo, and brutal noise,
Hunted thee from marshy joys,
With a dog,
Expiring frog!”’


*The production was very cleverly divided up into sit-com type episodes. One of the stars, Clive Swift, you know from his role as the husband on “Keeping Up Appearances.” The scene-stealer is Patrick Malahide as Jingle. (Though he is also sadly tainted by “Eurotrip,” he was perfect as Casaubon in the perfect Middlemarch miniseries.)

And for Prisoner fans, Nigel Stock, who plays Pickwick, was the other Number 6 in Do Not Forsake Me.(?)

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