Watson Week! Clyde, Wendy and Aldren

We’re celebrating the Watsons this week!

Growing up I spent many hours poring over Aldren Watson’s incredible “Where Everyday Things Come From.”

But only recently did I find “Father Fox’s Penny Rhymes” by his daughters Clyde and Wendy. (Aldren’s wife, Nancy, was a writer, I think, but I have not yet seen any of her books. And his son Ernest became an artist, also.)

We’ll celebrate both of these works and maybe some other goodies these week, ending with a beautiful painting/rhyme combination for Poetry Week.

Aldren and Wendy are fantastic illustrators, able to pack astonishing detail into thier pages. Meanwhile, Clyde’s rhymes rock the mic.

Wisn’t sick of these lousy, bottom of the barrel Mother Goose verses that don’t rhyme or have any sort of point? Clyde gives MG a lesson in nonsense that makes sense AND rhymes…

And then Wendy’s illustrations draw so much meanings from the handful of words. What a team!

Let’s kick of the week with a truly ridiculous Father Fox rhyme with a sublime drawing….

Knickerbocker Knockabout

Sausages & Sauerkraut

Run!Run! Run! The Hogs are out!

Knickerbocker Knockabout.


Here’s the schedule for Watson Week:Tuesday: Intro – Hogs are Out!Today: Nancy & Ernest

Thursday: Aldren

Friday: Clyde and Wendy (Poetry Friday)

Click here to see all the Watson Week Posts (so far).


3 Responses

  1. I just found Father Fox for the first time–an old and battered copy in our library– and thought that I was making a great re-discovery! But it is nice to see that others appreciate him, and thanks for the fun posts.

  2. Hello all, being a Watson myself (daughter of Aldren and Nancy and sister of Wendy and Clyde), I wanted to set the record straight: Ernest Watson was Aldren’s father, not his son! And in addition to N. Cameron Watson, I have another artist sibling, Thomas Watson (thomasadwatson.com) who illustrated the book “Tommy’s Mommy’s Fish” written by our mother, Nancy Watson.

  3. I’m so sorry for messing up the family tree! And for missing Thomas’ book.

    What a family!

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