Fritz Wegner – 40 years later…

I recently did a post about the book “The Home-Made Dragon” and noted the absolutely perfect illustrations by Fritz Wegner:


(I just looked it up and turns out I used the word perfect the first time, too. They are, man!)

Anyway, the other day I was reading the ultra-wonderful, much more recent “Little Cat Baby” and something about the illustrations seemed familiar. Flip. Yes! Fritz Wegner!

The Little Cat Baby

(Sorry about the search inside thing)

This is an amazing book. I haven’t written about it before, because Cece keeps saying she’s going to write about it. But she’s not a very prolific blogger.

So take my word on it.


3 Responses

  1. Enjoy this?
    Showman's Wagon
    Simon B

  2. Simon—

    That is absolutely incredible!

    Fritz Wegner fans —
    It is worth your while to click on Simon’s link above. However, you may get a bit jealous!

  3. You’re welcome to post Fritz’s sketch of the Showman’s Wagon, tho’, in these times, you might have to get permission from child protection (:))

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