Cece & Sam’s Halloween Day 31 – CONTEST – win a Cece Bell original


Happy Halloween, folks!

We’ve had a great time this month (click here to see previous Halloween posts) and hope you’ve gotten in the proper Halloween spirit by now.

If not, maybe you better head on over to Plastic Pumpkins to see what his Halloween month finale is. He’s had some great stuff this month! Plus, he has a story arc going! Man, I didn’t even think of that.

Anywho, let’s celebrate Halloween by GIVING AWAY this lovely Sock Monkey Halloween drawing from the lovely hand of Cece Bell herself.

To enter, send an email to sam (at) riddleburger (period) com suggesting a name for this brand new, just carved pumpkin, also by Cece Bell. Enter as many names as you wish to increase your chances of winning….


Whatever his name is, he bids you and this Halloween month a fond farewell. Thanks for reading….

Baconburg Horror Week – Wolf-o-lantern


 Here it is folks, the incredible Baconburg Horror Pumpkin*:


*Okay, fair enough. It’s NOT the Baconburg Horror. It’s actually the werewolf from “I was a Second Grade Werewolf.” Also by Pinkwater and clearly drawn by either himself of his wife Jill Pinkwater. The book doesn’t say. I’m leaning towards it being a Mr. Pinkwater production, but the werewolf does seem to have some Jill-ness about him.

Oddly, if you go a’searching on Google for the cover of “I was a…” instead of finding a picture of the werewolf, you find this guy:

Cece & Sam’s Halloween – Day 23

Sock Monkey is furious about the use of that Moldy Sock Monkey Pumpkin a couple of days ago. Sorry, S.M.! Here’s the pre-mold version, carved by Cece, of course:


 Now back to our regular scheduled program, here’s Sock Monkey’s pick for all-time best homemade costume….


We don’t know who this kid is, but I imagine we gave him lots and lots of candy.

Cece & Sam’s Halloween – Day 21

Cece’s friend Velora really has the market cornered on moldy pumpkin art, but here’s an official Sock Monkey pumpkin by Cece Bell that is slightly past it’s prime. Yes, all the black parts used to be white parts where she peeled away the skin to make it translucent. (sorry about the sunbeam)


Cece & Sam’s Halloween – Day 20 – Up Close and Personal with Pumpkins

Here are close-ups of 3 Cece Bell pumpkins….




Cece & Sam’s Halloween – Day 17

Another Cece Bell jack-o-lantern…



Cece and Sam’s Halloween – Day 15

Have you seen the beautiful photographs of masks over at Plastic Pumpkins? And his word search is a wonderful reward for those of us who have read and treasured every October post this year…

Click here to look over all of Cece & Sam’s Halloween posts.

And now for Day 15….

Here’s one of my alltime favorite Cece pumpkins!


Note that the bottom has been removed instead of the top. We picked up this tip fom somewhere a few years ago and it really frees up the upper half of the pumpkin as a canvas. However, you need to be sure there’s proper ventilation. Maybe a hole in the back or you’ll have candle trouble.