What I’m not reading now…

Becky Levine, please forgive me. I’ve given up on “Villette.”

Whichever Bronte wrote it has simply worn me out. (Charlotte is the culprit.)

The latest is the outrageous revelation that a character with one name is actually the same character from earlier chapters with a different name. The narrator has known this for some time, but failed to mention it.

I might have recovered, but the next chapter begins with this dense text and I’ve been through so much dense text already.

Other problems includes its similarity to “The Professor” which I just read recently. (There might have been a lawsuit if Charlotte hadn’t written that one, too!) Both of these books have the added headache of dialogue in French, which doesn’t do me much good.

And with 2/3s of the book to go, I just can’t see soldiering on.

So, I jumped ship and have started on Peary’s account of his North Pole expedition.