Sesame Street Saturday

I’m thinking on starting up a new Saturday feature about great Sesame Street segments.

Yes, I know that you can go to Youtube and type in “sesame street” just as well as I can. This is more of an opportunity to sing the praises of great moments from SS. Arma virumque elmo.

Let’s start off with one of my kids’ favorites: Clapping!

Positive Energy Score: 39.7 out of a possible 39.7

Cooperate. Share the love. Dig the multi-cultural vibe. Create something great.
Yep, this one wraps up all the Sesame Street values in a noisy feel good ruckus.

This video gives you the feeling that all you need to do is round a dozen friends and all start making sounds until you have torn the roof off the handy house. I don’t know if it really works or not, since I’m too embarassed to ask my friends to do it.

This video shows the astonishing ability of the Henson Crew to create distinctive personalities that hold true even when the character has little to say.

Muppet nerd note: It’s neat to so clearly hear Frank Oz’s voice at the very end.