News from Tom (Sam still news-less)

Almost finished with crazy 8-day, 3 conference, 2 festival, 3 bookstore, 4-school super-trip. Exhausted, but really looking forward to final event… keynote speech for VEMA tomorrow. (Virginia Educational Media Association conference.)

During the week I ate with John Bemis — Clockwork Dark — and later with Marfe Ferguson Delano —Genius: A Photobiography of Albert Einstein.

Got to hear Nikki Giovanni and Ashley Bryan read poems.

Got to see a few favorite authors again: Madelyn Rosenberg, Alison Hart and Kathy Erskine.

And got to meet Calpurnia Tate author Jacquline Kelley and Soar, Eleanor! author Tami Lewis Brown!

What a job!

Have I mentioned on this blog how much I like “A Tale Dark and Grimm?”

It’s one of my competitors for the E.B. White Award and seriously… E.B. White would have loved this book! (I’m guessing.) So I’ve told Adam I hope he wins and I do.

He deserves it … plus I’ve already got an award and now I’ve got a (digital) medal to go with it!


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  1. Very cool.

    By the way, I was talking to the children’s librarian tonight at the library (you know, the one that didn’t hire me … not that I’m obsessing or anything) about adults reading YA and kidlit, and I mentioned some of the conversations here by your name.

    It took a moment for her to recognize the names, but when I said Tom had written “Origami Yoda,” she replied, “Oh, we have that! I love that book!” and when I mentioned Sam as the author of “Qwikpick,” she lit up. She knew that one, too, and really liked it.

    The adult reading group was talking about books for the summer, and I almost got us to pick the Sword of the Spirits trilogy … I failed, but I tried.

  2. I began reading your Origami Yoda book, and as a parent of the 5th grader that brought this home from the library….shame on YOU.

    The opening tale at the dance shows EXACTLY why kids grow up totally messed in the head about relationships. Lets just teach our kids how to use people, such as “Hannah”, to play emotional mind games -to make Sara jealous. OMG. You should be ashamed.

    Your approach to pre-teen angst only highlights reasons to be depressed and develop LOW self esteem. How? By listing off qualities then identifying them as the “social outcast” group. Shame. Shame. Shame.

    I intend to get this book OUT of our school libraries.

    Then, lets mention the inconsistency in your writing style that in NO WAY looks like that of a kid. There is NO talent here.

    • I’m sorry, but that’s just harsh

    • look miss I know there are some bad things in this book. but kids who read them dont pay attention to that. they pay attention to the awsome story line. yoda only gave them ADVICE. I have read the book I know manny other people who have two. after reading the books we were really happy not depresed. I am asking you from the bottom of my heart please stop the ban. many people post coments on http://www.origami yoda .com every day saying how great the book Tom posted your coment there people are saying stuff like WHO COULD HATE ORIGAMI YODA STOP THE BAN PLEASE! p.s if you go to origami yoda . com there will be lots of hate mail waiting for you

    • you are totally wrong. oy is a great book. shame on YOU!


    • you should not be like that!! its rude and offensive to tom and my origami yoda and all other fans and there yodas!!!!!!!!!! shame on you!


    • Shut up!

  3. i am most dissapointed your evil book with the cussing and the low self esteem i have to agree with gayla coughlin she is right

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