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This is the synopsis for the first in my series of “Dolly Parton Presents” tween romance books, featuring the Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. (Copyright, 2007. All Rights Reserved. The phrase “Who needs a Fairy Godmother when you’ve got Dolly?” is a registered Trademark.)——-
The Dixie Stampede Blues
by Sam Riddleburger
It looked like the Dixie Stampede was going to be the best job ever.Being part of a wild, spangly cross between a rodeo and a dinner theater sounded like a ton of fun to Jodie.adixie1.jpg

But it was Sonia that he was really excited about. They’d been friends for years ever since they both took riding lessons at the same stable.

But Jodie had been longing for something more than friendship. And the fun of working with Sonia at the Dixie Stampede seemed like a step in the right direction.


Well, he stepped in something alright.

While Sonia dazzled everyone with her trick riding, Jodie actually fell off his horse when it reared up during the big “Color Me America” number.


Logan, the tall, handsome star of the show laughed so hard, that Jodie got demoted to Shooter McCoy’s comedy riding troupe.


Meanwhile Sonia started to get personal lessons from Logan, so that she could be the Dixieland Princess in the trick-riding finale.


Then things got worse.


Shooter McCoy booted Jodie from the comedy troupe becauseJodie just couldn’t be funny — at least not on purpose.

Jodie hadn’t liked wearing that fake beard anyway, but now he had a tough choice. He could leave the Dixie Stampede and basically give up any chance with Sonia, who was now living her dream of being the Dixie Princess…


Or he could take the lowest job available. He could become one of the Server Soldiers…


…the poor schlubs who pass through the big crowd handing each person their “tender whole rotisserie chicken.”


He did what he had to do. He put on the Civil War cap and picked up the big pan of golden poultry.

And now every day all he can do is catch glimpses of Sonia and Logan doing their act, as he passes out chicken and refills Bottomless Pepsis. It would take a miracle for Sonia to even notice him now.

A big miracle.

A Dolly-sized miracle!


Who needs a Fairy Godmother when you’ve got Dolly? ™

When Dolly accidentally finds out about Jodie’s problem, she rolls up her bedazzled sleeves and says “Darlin’, we better get to work.”

But Jodie realizes it’s going to take more than just a magic wand, when Dolly adds, “You ever rode a buffalo before?”


Hold on tight! It’s gonna be a wild ride! Can Jodie trick-ride the buffaloes, win over the crowd and steal his Dixie Princess from Logan’s arms in time to dance to Dolly’s “I Will Always Love You” in the big finale?

Find out in: Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Blues!!!!


Then look for the sequel:

Dolly Parton Presents… Pigeon Forge Days, Dollywood Nights: Real Ghost Pictures
Jodie and Sonia both got jobs in Dollywood’s Haunted House, but just when Jodie gets up the courage to ask Sonia to go steady … she’s distracted by a new guy. Jermaine is hot, cool and has the best ghost costume in the whole haunted house, but Jodie’s starting to wonder if it’s not a costume!


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