A little more on Bigfoot & The Great Brain

Since my Bigfoot post is getting more hits than, say, Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Blues, I’ll chime in with a KIDLIT-related¬†update:

I checked with my go-to mammal professor to get his thoughts on the Bigfoot thing.

He didn’t want to comment, but it was clear he wasn’t anywhere near convinced.

I still don’t want to agree that it’s a bear with mange. But I could easily join in with the “it’s a chimp” side.


In fact, the picture could be hoax by the guy who set up the camera or even a hoax ON the guy who set up the camera.

Here’s the theory and YES it takes us right back to KIDLIT!!!!

It’s the Great Brain theory.

Remember when the Great Brain convinced everybody that there was a monster in a cave? (I think it was in book 2) Well, flash forward a hundred odd years.

The Great Brain hears that some guy has a camera up in the woods that’s rigged to take pictures whenever an animal walks by. (I’ve run into one of these cameras here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, myself.)

So the Great Brain gets ahold of a chimpanzee. (Maybe he knows someone who knows someone or he strikes a bargain with a carnival barker, who knows.)

He and J.D. and a couple of the others go up to the woods, sneak up behind the camera and let the chimp run in front of it. (The GB fashioned a leash out of fishing line.)

Uh, oh, the trick backfires when Papa (who’s a newspaper editor you’ll recall) prints the photo in the paper!

Somebody’s going to get it? Will it be the Great Brain or will he pin it on J.D.???