Pinkwater Newsflash – The Yggyssey begins in April!

 The latest Pinkwater podcast reveals that the sequel to the Neddiad will begin appearing in serialized form on Pinkwater’s Website in April.
The Neddiad, which should have been at least a Newbery Honor book this year, was a ton of fun.  Not sure where the sequel will go, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with a greater understanding of the whole Pinkwater universe.
You may as well sign on for the Yggyssey right away, because I’ll probably be urging you to read it during the whole serialization.

Kidlit Newsflash: Barnyard Identity Crisis Abated

 BARNYARD —  Panic over a missing Baby Farm Animal, turned to concerns for its mental health and, finally, to relief after the cute, cuddly, fuzzy, wuzzy, big-eyed farm baby became comfortable with its own identity.
 Baby Farm Animal was reported missing this morning, but reports soon reached authorities that it was actually visiting the different farm animals in turn. 
 “Baby Farm Animal’s probing questions raised concerns that Baby Farm Animal might not be happy just being himself,” said an unnamed official with ties to the Farmhouse. “The collective wisdom of the other animals, however, may have been enough to solve Baby Farm Animal’s existential crisis.”
 A source within the Barnyard confirmed this account.
 “Each farm animal responded to Baby Farm Animal with its own distinctive farm animal sound, i.e. mooing, quacking, gobbling,” said the source. “Eventually Baby Farm Animal learned that we’re all individuals and our differences make us unique.”

Kidlit Newsflash – Source: “Misfit Fits In!”

In a suprising new development, a melancholy misfit has suddenly and unexpectedly found the place where he fits in.
 “What makes this case so astounding is that the very thing that kept the misfit from fitting in in one place is the characteristic that another group needed,” said a wise, older creature who has advised the misfit in the past. “It’s as if his unique characteristic wasn’t a drawback, but actually a very desirable quality!”
 The misfit did not return calls seeking comment, however sources familiar with his recent behavior report that he is no longer thought to be melancholy.