I’m the author of “The Qwikpick Adventure Society,” a novel for young persons.

It’s the story of three kids who hear that their town’s Sewage Sludge Fountain is being shut down. They decide to risk it all and go see (and smell) it for themselves before it’s gone forever. It’s also about Origami, biscuits, penny basketball, love,friendship, Ms. Pac Man and, most of all, having one great day you’ll never forget.

Visit the official site for more about the book and various extras.

Qwikpick is up for the 2009 Nevada Young Readers Award!

Also chosen as a Children’s Book Committee at Bank Street College of Education 2008 Best Books of the Year

And it was one of SLJ blogger Fuse #8 Best Books of 2007!

Qwikpick is available from your local bookstore, amazon.com or whatnot. Retailers may wish to contact Dial Books for Young Readers, a Penguin Imprint.

Here are some reviews:

Note: These comments were carefully plucked from actual reviews.

Fuse #8’s Elizabeth Bird says: A small adventure that is exciting, frightening, and very very pungent.”

“The characters ring true, the dialogue is snappy, the unique format will lure in reluctant readers, and talk about a title custom made for booktalking! There’s not a kid alive today who wouldn’t want to read the book when confronted with the plot. It has ups. It has downs. It has a great sense of place and a whole lot of poop.”

From the Kirkus review: “[T]he trio’s ‘adventure’ is credibly worked out, engagingly related and, unsurprisingly, likely to be greeted with howls of laughter by second-graders of all ages.”

From the librarian at Scope Notes: The entertaining mix of first-person story, notes, and the occasional photograph combined to create that oh so elusive element that often sells a book to readers: voice. In fact, this one would probably be good for class use to teach that concept (that is, if the teacher is cool with the whole poop fountain thing).

Super nice review from A Year of Reading: “Add this book to your stack of “Perfect BOY Books.” And on GoodReads she said, “I have absolutely no doubt that it will become a cult favorite with boys who cut their reading teeth on Captain Underpants and the like. ”

A wonderful review from A Chair, A Fireplace and A Tea Cozy… : “This is a great, old-fashioned fun book.”

Welcome words from fellow author, Linda Acorn: “Not every adventure has to include evil overlords or perilous voyages. These kids embark on a humble expedition, to a sewage plant of all places. Their everyday motivations, reactions to adversity and spirit of camaraderie are things any reader can relate to.”

From Eisha at Seven Impossible: “I loved that the main characters are three kids who are kind of on the fringe, but not in a big-deal, total-school-outcast major-drama way. They live in trailers, they hang out in a gas station and play an old Ms. Pac Man game, they can’t afford computers, Dave is Jewish and Marilla is a Jehovah’s Witness – but they aren’t social pariahs, and they aren’t unhappy kids overly burdened with adult concerns. They’re just kids, with realistic family situations and a believable friendship with each other. They’re the kind of kids who might walk across town on Christmas Day to see a Fountain of Poop.”

From Jules at Seven Impossible: “[Y]eah, the characterization was strong, and the book worked in so many ways. But what I really loved was how Riddleburger touched on class issues without being too heavy-handed about it… And it’s just flat-out funny, too.”

From a really cool bookseller: “I’ve discovered that the book is good not only as a ‘reluctant reader’ but also a good
suggestion for young advanced readers (parents are desperate to find something that challenges their kids but isn’t too emotionally advanced or dark for them–I think QPAS is perfect for this).”

From the School Library Journal review: “The handwritten pages and taped-in pictures give the book a messy, realistic quality. Lyle’s voice is young, simple, and truthful.

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books: “Although the gross out factor is in full play, there’s also a genuine sweetness to Lyle’s observations about his pals and their friendship, and the day-trip adventure has a ring of authenticity. Whether this is a series in the making isn’t entirely clear, but readers who’ve beheld the wonders of the poop fountain would certainly sign on for ensuing adventures.”

Here’s the Wastewater International Viewpoint column:


And here’s the article I wrote which appeared on the WasteWater International Website:


Horn Book said: Horn Book (The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2007)
“The book’s gross-out factor doesn’t dominate the story, and the dialogue is snappy. A mix of photos, cartoons, and sketches adds variety.”


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  2. I am so buying your book…and thanks for the advice about getting published, and the idea of making smell in words is great…very innovative and fun.

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