Where the Wild Things Are… Carol or Moishe?

NOTE: A  NEWER/BETTER POST on this subject of the name change to Carol from Moishe IS HERE…
Really, don’t read this one, read the new one.
For some reason this has turned into movie week around here.
If Spiderwick was Open Captioned (instead of Roscoe Jenkins) at our local plex, I might be able to weigh in on that one.
But here’s something I have seen and perhaps you have two, the odd video clip bit that is in someway related to Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are:
Roger Sutton says it made him get teary, but it left me befuddled. I’m just not sure of what I was looking at. Frankly I wasn’t sure if it was even what it was said to be. I guess we’ll find out….
But one question… What IS the name of that Wild Thing? In the clip, it’s called Carol. But it had the name Moishe when McFarlane Toys made the action figures:
You can see it on the box in this pic. (BTW: The action figures very nice, but easily broken)
And it’s called Moishe in many other places as well… http://images.google.com/images?q=moishe+%22where+the+wild+things+are%22&um=1&hl=en
So where did “Carol” come from?

2 Responses

  1. “So where did “Carol” come from?”

    Well, Carol’s mommy and daddy love each other …

    Ahem …

    Of course, I guess the counter-question is, Where did “Moishe” come from?

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