Annoying Flashback

Since this has turned into an impromptu movie week, I’ve arranged an exclusive interview — through the mists of 20 years — with the 1988-version of Sam Riddleburger. (Sammy, actually, back then.)
 What, you mean you’ve never seen Buckaroo Banzai? Are you serious? I just can’t believe you’ve never seen Buckaroo Banzai. It’s like a parody of science fiction movies, but it’s one of those parodies that’s so good that you actually care about the plot, like The Lost Boys.
Oh, man, it is so funny. There’s this part where Buckaroo has this chemical formula written on his hand and he runs into this super-scientist and he holds up his hand and says, “what is this,” and the scientist says, “Why… it’s your hand, Buckaroo.” It’s hilarious.
I’ve noticed that some film critics never grow out of the “it’s hilarious” thing. Which is why one rents a movie under the understanding that it’s a “hilarious” or “roaringly funny” comedy and takes it home to discover a dark and depressing drama about angry English guys who want to open up a fish-and-chips truck, the gruesome story of a serial killer or maybe even a smashing good sci-fi parody with bits of wry absurdity which may be brilliant, but do not add up to hilarity (nor were they intended to).

One Response

  1. Buckaroo Banzai … I haven’t seen that in so long … I ought to try to find that.

    It was right there with “Mega Force” as ridiculous parodies that I used to like to throw in the VCR now and then.

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