Let’s hear it for Sachar’s other books!

It seems like one hears so little about Sachar unless it involves Holes.
I think Holes might very well be the best kidlit novel of the last 20 years, but Sachar also writes what are possibly the best Chapter books of all-time…. The Sideways and Marvin Redpost books.
I just read “Marvin Redpost: Is He a Girl?”
It is a masterpiece. And anybody that doesn’t think so need only sit down and try to tell a story in short sentences with short words. What’s amazing is that in this medium, which would drive many of us to the broadest possible strokes, Sachar is able to be subtle. To let stuff float out there for kids to pounce on and marvel at.

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  1. I rather liked Someday, Angeline, and still remember Mister Bone with fondness.

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