Poetry Friday – Kid poetry by me

Before the bitterness, the skepticism, the grumpiness, the cynicism, the million reruns of MASH, the mistakes, the regrets, the camp sensibility, the summer camp hazing, the reading of His Dark Materials, the negative energy given and received…

…young Tommy Angleberger(that’s my real name), age circa 6, believed in something:


 And 20 years or so later, I started to believe again: in Cece, Positive Energy, Sock Monkey, Jim Henson, Dancing Marlys, Maple Hill Farm, bluegrass music, the Qwikpickers, chocolate chip cookies, early trains, dinosaurs and drinking soda from glass bottles.


8 Responses

  1. Dear Tommy,

    That’s a lovely poem.

  2. This makes my whole day. Really.

  3. Yay for Tommy, reborn!

  4. You’ve given me the courage to unearth some of my childhood poetry attempts. Maybe.

  5. How wonderful! Keep little Tommy alive; keep the world turning.

  6. I love that poem, Sam. All the more for the first line “There must magic”. I’m sure that child you meant for another word to be there also, but I think it’s absolutely perfect with just those three.

  7. You were an amazing kid.
    You are an amazing kid.

  8. Thanks for all the kind words, folks!

    That seems to be the only poem of mine that has survived, squirreled away in a scrapbook by my mom. But I hope some of you can find yours and post them, too.

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