Watson Week – Spotlight on Nancy

Here’s the schedule for Watson Week:Tuesday: Intro – Hogs are Out!

Today: Nancy & Ernest

Thursday: Aldren

Friday: Clyde and Wendy (Poetry Friday)

Click here to see all the Watson Week Posts (so far).


To my understanding, Nancy is the wife of Aldren and the mother of Wendy, Clyde and Ernest. Here’s a sample of her work:


(note: This book illustrated by eric Blegvad, who needs his own post on of these days.)

Cammie takes the fly swatter.

Caitie is the fly spotter.

There’s a fly! Wham!


Missed him. Now he’s in the jam.

Now for Ernest. I haven’t been able to get my hands on one of Ernest’s books. But here are some available on Amazon. (The last was done with Aldren.)

Creative Perspective for Artists and IllustratorsComposition in Landscape and Still LifeThe Watson Drawing Book

He obviously has done books we kidlitters would LOVE to get ahold of, such as “Forty Illustrators and How They Work.”


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