Free Fiction: Free Will Robots at Myrtle Beach

Boo! I was the only person to take up the SnapFiction challenge this week. C’mon people!

The challenge was, write about a small tidal pool at the bottom of which is a very strange creature.

Anyway, here’s the story I wrote. It’s sort of a Thurber/Lem mash-up or mybe it’s just Riddleburgarian.

Free-Will Robots at Myrtle Beach

by Sam Riddleburger- Copyright 2007

>>Look, it’s a small tidal pool at the bottom of which is a very strange creature.

“I have observed it and am ready to go swimming.”

>>Just let me look it up in the brochure which I received from an information specialist at the National Park kiosk.

“I find that to be non-mission critical.”

>>But which aneomone is it? The brochure says there are hundreds of different species. I will now compare the strange creature to those pictured in the brochure.

“Take a photo and compare it later.”

>>It bears a striking resemblance to Tarlington’s Anemone, which I presume is named after famed 19th century naturalist Lucas Tarlington.

“I recently deleted all my information regarding 19th century naturalist after determining that they are all dead.”

>>Tarlington is noted as the first–

“If we don’t go swimming now, we’re not going to make it back to the hotel in time to recharge and get to the Medieval Madness Showe and Buffete. Our non-refundable tickets are for the 4:30 seating we have limited time.”

>>Ok, fine.

“I mean, if you really want to look at–”

>> No, I said it was fine. Let’s go get in the corrosive, salty water and pretend it’s fun.

“You know what, forget it. I’m just going back to the hotel.

>> Good. Now maybe I can look at this @$#$% strange creature in peace.


2 Responses

  1. Ack. Sorry, Sam. The tidal pool just didn’t speak to me.

  2. Love it! And it’s educational, too … I did not know that all of the 19th century naturalists were in fact dead!

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