RoboLoom 2.0 – motorized!

I am so excited to finally post the video for my power loom — powered by a AA battery and using ancient Capsela motor & gears, old Legos and a hodgepodge of K’Nex.

youtube link if imbedded video doesn’t show up

It’s a big advance over RoboLoom 1.0. Now both sets of yarn move up and down, to create a fairly consistent place for the shuttle to go. The shuttle is still me-powered, though, it is not a “flying shuttle.”

As you know I’m fascinated by the flying shuttle and how it sparked the industrial revolution. But I’m not sure I can make one out of Knex and Legos and such, without springing for a Lego Robot kit. But I do have an idea kicking around about how it might work.


2 Responses

  1. This is amazingly cool.

  2. Great! I just got the idea to try making a Lego Jacquard loom, and yours is the closest I’ve found so far. Nice work. Did you ever add the flying shuttle?

    Also, you may want to check out — they sell pieces to interconnect KNex and Legos.


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