Ficitonal cars

Back in the day, The Great Wastoli and I had an INCREDIBLE list of fictional dogs. It was truly beautiful.

I usually am too snobbish to vote in a Web poll, but I ran across this list of fictional cars and ended up voting. For the Sport Truckster.,90759

Oddly, the poll turned out to be created by Jay Busbee, who Cece and I worked on our college paper with.

So… what about the best ficitonal KIDLIT car?

A) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

B) The Three Investigator’s Limo

C) Nancy Drew’s Roadster

D) The Snarkout Car

E) Runaway Ralph’s motorcycle

F) Freddie’s Molly Hatchett-playing pick-up truck from Qwikpick

G) The motorized bed from “Here Comes, Charlie!”


6 Responses

  1. First … THANK YOU!

    I’ve been trying to find the “Three Investigators,” I remember reading them in elementary school, but couldn’t remember enough about them except that one of the guys had won the use of a limo and managed to rework the rules so as to have it available for longer … thanks for giving me more of a title with which to work.

    (By the way, “Qwikpick” has been reviewed on Facebook … I don’t know if you check that out, but it was rather complimentary.)

    As for a vote … I have to go with Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang.

  2. I’m voting for Runaway Ralph’s motorcycle because he needs sound-effects in order to make it go.

  3. I’m not sure you can count Nancy’s roadster, because it seemed like she was getting a new one in every book as her others were wrecked, stolen, ink-stained or replaced because Carson Drew feared the old one was looking a little worn.

    Probably a million other kid-lit cars you could add, but Stuart Little had a good one before he wrecked it…

  4. I’m drawn to A, C and of course, F.

    Will have to go with A … as the song says, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I love you.

  5. Odd it seems like Chitty Chitty is a favorite. I almost threw it off the list.

    Ron Weasley’s Dad’s flying car
    Olaf and Venus’ car
    Mr. Mustard’s Zoo Bus
    Sock Monkey’s Limo / Blue Pig’s Car
    Magic Schoolbus
    Bertie the Bus from The Railway Series
    The Leaping LEMA from Pushcart War (Boo! Hiss!)
    Dick and Jane’s Dad’s car
    Go Dog Go car

  6. Don’t forget the “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” bus!

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