News from the Folding Frontier

What a weird life this is. Spent a good bit of time today folding Origami… and that wasn’t down time that was actual JOB time. Weird.
With that said, there’s been very little actual work getting done on Llama with a Hat 2, the drawings for Horton and the huge rewrite to Project IF.
We’re very excited about going to BooK Expo America in NYC!
Found out that the version of Mervyn Peake’s “Titus Alone” I have always read is not the only one. In fact, there is one that may be quite a bit better. It was edited by Robert Langdon with lots of help from Maeve.
“Titus Alone” is one of the most upsetting, maddening books I’ve ever read. While the other edition may be better, I have a feeling it will remain upsetting and maddening. But I am determined to read it. (Have to find one first.)
“Sita Sings the Blues” was even better than expected!
Still reading Burnett’s “The Shuttle” and Trollope’s “Is He Poppinjoy?” Both are great. Poppinjoy in particular is roiling along nicely. Just wish there was a little politicking in it.
Seriously considering reading The Chronicles of Corum for a third time this summer.

Returning to my old middle school on Friday for an author visit. It’s the school were all my books are set — at least in my head.


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  1. The edition of Titus Alone revised by Langdon Jones (with little help from Maeve, actually) has been available from the Overlook Press in the US since 1992. It should not be hard to find.

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