What I’m reading/thinking/panicking about now….

Ye Olde Thrift Store where my “office” is located is noisy today! I wish people would stop donating pianos!

Lots of good stuff over at www.origamiyoda.com, where I’ve been posting a lot more frequently recently. Lots of Kid-made Origami Yodas!

Reading: The Pot-Stealers (or something) by P.G. Wodehouse. This is one of his school stories and I have to admit I’m not into it.

Listening to Barbara Vine’s “The Minotaur.” Now this one I AM into. I’ve read Vine’s “Grasshopper” and it has stuck with me over the years. So I decided to go for another. This one is even better. Turn of the Screw meets Daphne DuMaurier meets … Stanley Winchester?

Finishing up: The Shuttle by Francis Hodgson Burnett. I’ll have more to ay when I finally finish it.

Thinking about: Kid sent me a fan letter with an idea for a book. Problem: It’s a great idea!

Panicking about: Visiting the Big City for BEA.

Endorphin rush: spent 2 glorious hours skatebiking around Virginia Tech today. Skatebiking is the closest I’ve ever come to using the Force!

Looking forward to: Outdoor Bluegrass concert tonight. More bluegrass at the square dance I’m calling Saturday night.


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  1. Don’t panic … enjoy! And then tell us all about it. With photos, please!

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