Sock Monkey’s Supercoaster Construction Game


I finally finished Sock Monkey’s Roller Coaster game. It’s not exactly a game. It’s in the same genre with LineRider and Pencil, though far less complicated. Basically, you make a squiggle on the screen and it becomes a roller coaster for Sock Monkey, Blue Pig, Froggie and Miss Bunn to ride.

Give it a try here: Supercoaster — permalink =

Or try one of the other games from the Cece Bell Free Flash Game Hut:


Booksigning & other news

Whew! Cece’s Blog Tour has been amazing fun! Check out a few of the interviews and articles if you haven’t yet at Blog Tour HQ.  If you’d like to see a Mutant Bird read the book, try the Plastic Pumpkins link. And enter the contest to win an actual illustration from the book starting Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday… I’ll be signing copies of The Qwikpick Adventure Society Saturday, that’s tomorrow, at Ram’s Head Books in Roanoke, as you can clearly see in this ad….


… okay, so I wasn’t actually mentioned. But I will be there if you want to buy a book. Or if you need me to hold your coat or get you a cup of punch while you’re getting Cece to sign Bee-Wigged.

Bee-Wigged Blog Tour is right here!


Welcome to Day One of the Bee-Wigged Blog Tour!

Since I’m going first, I’ve decided to do a little synopsis of this smashing picture book. That’ll also give me a chance to show some of my favorite pictures from the book:


by Cece Bell (my lovely wife & co-conspirator)

 Jerry Bee just wants to be nice. But he’s such a big bee that he scares everybody.


But then he finds a wig…


Now he can be nice to people without scaring them, plus since he looks like a boy he gets to go to school. He’s so nice that everybody loves him…


But then … a gust of wind exposes him for what he is … a giant stinging insect!


Oh, Jerry! Everyone runs! I don’t want to spoil it! There’s a shocking twist! But a good one! In the end, the power of being nice prevails!

This book is or could be about many things:
  • Being nice
  • Positive energy
  • Fitting In / Accepting people who are different
  • Doing well in school
  • Sticking up for your friends
  • Bees/Wigs/Sudden gusts of wind
But it’s also simply a good story about a character you’ll root for.
Head back to Cece Bell’s page for rest of the blog tour schedule…

The Bee-Wigged Party

The party for Cece’s new book was great! I mean really great! It’s like the polar opposite of a lonely chain bookstore signing.

The first photos I’ve uploaded are here: . 

Steve Altis’s more comprehensive take on it is here:

(Note: Cupcake photos are especially worth a look. Cece made 153 Jerry Bee cupcakes!

There are several items of note for this blog:

1) Tiffany Trent, of Hallowmere fame, attended!


2) Steve Altis of Plastic Pumpkins fame attended! And he has his own take on it here:

3) Daisy of SWEET DAISY”S NASTY POEM FAME attended! AND… She wrote us a new poem! And it’s NASTY! But I’m saving it for a Poetry Friday.

4) Two of my co-authors were there: Michael Hemphill who wrote Stonewall Hinkleman with me was tuxedoed and the emcee for the many giveaways. Mary Hill who’s writing [TOP SECRET] with me was running the craft table for awhile.

5) Not only did I bask in reflected glory all day, but a few Qwikpicks were sold and hopefully some of my new Stonewall Hinkleman bookmarks were picked up.

Famous author or soon-to-be famous Bee?

Hey, that giant bee looks like famous author Sam Riddleburger if Sam was geeky looking instead of handsome!
You too can get your picture taken as Jerry Bee, star of “Bee-Wigged” by Cece bell, at the Bee-Wigged launch party Nov. 22. For more details (or to see Cece as jerry Bee) head to .
After that the Big Jerry Bee Photo Op will hit the road, traveling with Cece to schools and libraries!

Canada loves Jerry Bee!

Here’s a post from

Someone up in Calgary must have a soft spot for big, friendly, wig-wearing bees…


The Calgary Public Library system has already ordered 12 copies of Bee-Wigged!

Bee-Wigged Review

Gail Gauthier has reviewed Cece’s next book, Bee-Wigged, over at Original Content…

She was nice enough to say that the book would be good for read-a-louds at school. AND she made a great suggestion — Cece needs to have downloadable craft projects to go with the book/read-a-louds.

Folks, if anybody can put together an incredible craft project, it’s Ms. Cece Bell. We’ll try to get something up in time for the book’s release in November!

(Note: This is not a photo of Gail Gauthier reading the book.)