I’m walking again and other news!

Quite a week around here last week!!!

On Monday I flew to New York for BEA and got to meet with most of the Origami Yoda team! What a great group of people!

On Tuesday, I went to BEA and had a great time at the ABA/ E.B. White Awards. Instead of an acceptance speech, I taught the audience of about 300-400 how to fold Origami Yoda…. with the help of the awesome Peter Brown, who won the E.B. White Picture Book prize. You can see a picture of us here.
I met so many great people at and around BEA! Sadly, I missed some others I’ve been hoping to meet, but I had to fly home

On Wed. (I think) I started listening to the new Recorded Books version of Horton Halfpott. Awesome!

Then Friday was another big day:
I signed two book contracts. These are books I’ve mentioned before, it just took awhile for the contracts to be written up.
One of the books is Fake Mustache, which I’m pretty excited about!

Then I went to physical therapy and LEARNED TO WALK again! (As opposed to hobbling around.) It felt great!


Sam’s Big News! Tom’s too…

Sam: I don’t exist… But that’s okay. I really don’t mind.

I am so excited to be telling you about my big news! It’s really, really exciting! (And it also ends a long-running secret.)

My awesome publisher, Amulet, is going to come out with three more of my books! This is great news, because Amulet did such an amazing job with Origami Yoda and Horton Halfpott! I just can’t wait until these books are done so I can see what they look like and share them with all of you!

First of all, it’s time to end a secret … which most of you probably knew anyway….

I am Tom Angleberger AND Sam Riddleburger. Sam Riddleburger is a pen name I used on two books: “The Qwikpick Adventure Society” and “Stonewall Hinkleman and the Battle of Bull Run.” (I wrote Stonewall with a pal of mine. It’s a Civil War Time Travel Extravaganza. Check it out, you might dig it!)

Qwikpick is a book I really, really love. And I think a lot of you might like it, too. It’s got a little origami, a little bit of adventure and … a whole lot of sewage! (Really!)

Well, the great news is that Qwikpick is coming back! Amulet is going to reprint it. It’ll have an awesome new cover and new artwork inside, this time by me. Maybe even a new title. And my real name on it this time. I really hope you guys are going to like it!

The second book is going to be really, really wild! It’s a thriller set during a presidental election and it should be out in time for the real election in 2012. But don’t worry…. it’s not going to be all serious. In fact it won’t be ANY serious. It’s called “Fake Mustache!”

And the third book? Amulet hasn’t decided yet. We’ll just have to wait and see….

Speaking of waiting and seeing…

If you’re wondering about more Origami Yoda books all I can do is quote Harvey: “No comment!”


One more book, this one from another great publisher, Clarion: It’s a picture book. I know most of you are done with picture books, but when it comes out, you can sneak over to the picture book shelf and peek at it…

The book is “Crankee Doodle” and it’s very, very silly. It’s by me and Cece!!

It’s so exciting, because we’ve been trying to publish a book together for 20 years or so… We’re a great team and help each other all the time. (Or at least she helps me…) Finally, we’re going to have our names together on our own book!

News from Tom (Sam still news-less)

Almost finished with crazy 8-day, 3 conference, 2 festival, 3 bookstore, 4-school super-trip. Exhausted, but really looking forward to final event… keynote speech for VEMA tomorrow. (Virginia Educational Media Association conference.)

During the week I ate with John Bemis — Clockwork Dark — and later with Marfe Ferguson Delano —Genius: A Photobiography of Albert Einstein.

Got to hear Nikki Giovanni and Ashley Bryan read poems.

Got to see a few favorite authors again: Madelyn Rosenberg, Alison Hart and Kathy Erskine.

And got to meet Calpurnia Tate author Jacquline Kelley and Soar, Eleanor! author Tami Lewis Brown!

What a job!

Have I mentioned on this blog how much I like “A Tale Dark and Grimm?”

It’s one of my competitors for the E.B. White Award and seriously… E.B. White would have loved this book! (I’m guessing.) So I’ve told Adam I hope he wins and I do.

He deserves it … plus I’ve already got an award and now I’ve got a (digital) medal to go with it!

Burger News

First of all, is it my imagination or did I see a Quadruple Whopper at BK? What?

Second of all, the BIG NEWS regarding Sam Riddleburger is just around the corner. I hope…. it’s going to be good news. Really good news. Just waiting on the official word…

Third of all, I’m excited about the E.B. White award! As a nominee, I’ll get to go to the award ceremony and see Adam Gidwitz win the prize for A Tale Dark and Grimm!!

I’ve got such a huge week coming up… 3 educator/librarian conferences, multiple school visits, two bookstore events, a Virginia Book Festival kidlit author reception and a special show up in NOVA… all in 8 days!!!!

The bad news about having all of that is that even though I will be at th same event as THE MASTER Gary Paulsen, I will not be there on the same day as he will!!! I’m going to miss him! I’ll be three events down the road by the time he gives his speech. RATS!!!!


And then there are these Incredible animated German CGI Origami Yoda videos.

It is so surreal to go online and see these things. Somebody over there in Germany is really really awesome!

Also neat that they have a book on CD of the German version!


And lastly, it looks like Horton Halfpott is off to a good start! I worry about the little guy, but Amulet is really behind him and it looks real good … even in the dark!

Karen Cronin, friend, library booster and community dynamo

Our small community is reeling from a terrible blow. Karen Cronin — an amazing woman overflowing with positive energy — was killed in some sort of ocean accident while vacationing in Hawaii.

This was the person who brought something extra to every event. Just look at how she came to my book launch party…. as Princess Leia, complete with cinnamon bun hair:

She brought this enthusiasm to event after event especially those that benefitted our library and community center. This is a loss to our entire community. She seemed to have boundless energy to share and now it is suddenly gone.

Cybil & other news

Well, it sure was awesome to win the Cybil award!
I have to wonder if Kneebone Boy wouldn’t have been a better choice, but I’m hardly going to argue the point!
A big part of the fun was hearing from various pals all day! Hooray for pals! It’s nice to have pals! Thank you, pals!

It was also awesome that Meanwhile won for Graphic Novel! You know how much I love that book!

Here are some other items of possible interest:

Sam Riddleburger has GIGANTIC news coming. Sam is just waiting for the people in charge to say, go ahead, Sam, tell the people your gigantic news.

I’ve got some big news in the burner, too. And it involves Jay Asher!

Speaking of Jay Asher… isn’t it awesome that 13 Reasons Why is going to be a movie? I’m going to go ahead and say that I think it will be very, very good.

I recently tracked down that incredible Kenneth Koch poem(?) about teaching polar bears to type. It’s near the bottom of this page.

I’m in the middle of reading “Our Only May Amelia.” Wow. This is a wonderful book.

I recently finished “Odd and the Frost Giants.” Great story. Really, really enjoyed it. I say hand this to a reluctant reader and see what happens.

I am close to needing a personal assistant. There are so many requests for school visits, Skype visits, donations and stuff. I love it all! But I’m no good at keeping all that straight.

I started practicing the diabolo again. Took a while just to remember the many tricks in my ring routine.

News from Tom AND Sam!

Well, folks, it’s been a big week!

I just got back from the American Booksellers Association Winter Institute.
I had a great time, but I never had the chance to stand up on a chair with a bullhorn and go “I love Indie Bookstores! Thank you all for everything!”
But I felt it in my heart…

And you may have heard that my big secret is no longer a secret… The sequel to Origami Yoda will be Darth Paper Strikes Back!
You can read about it at origamiyoda.com.
Or at Publisher’s Weekly. They ran a really nice story about it.

While I was at the ABA I got an email from my agent. Yes, one of THOSE emails! Nothing signed yet, but it’s going to a whole new book! I hate to keep secrets, but I also hate to blab too much. So, I’ll just let this tantalizing hint out for now: Mimes.

Meanwhile…. Sam is within sight of Tanelorn at last! He may have some really really big, believe-or-not kind of news in the near future! It may be a little while before it comes out, but the important thing is that he’s not wandering around grumbling and muttering anymore.