The Vanishing “Vanishing Treasure” Mystery starring the Three Investigators and me…


Take a look at this book… And the back of it…


Why could ace sleuth Jupiter Jones tell us about this book?

1 it’s from a library.
2 but most libraries don’t use those old timey punch cards anymore.
3 it doesn’t have the word discard on it anywhere.

Jupiter: It was stolen from a library circa 1982!!!

No, Jupe, you’re wrong this time. I paid for it. I couldn’t find it anywhere! I had to pay something like $7.50 for it, which was a fortune in 1982. Then when I finally found it, I figured I might as well keep it since I had paid for it.
What a thrilling mystery! All we need now is a boilerplate intro by Alfred Hitchcock and we’re ready to roll!


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