The status of things here in Happy Valley

I really miss writing this blog the way I used to. But, I guess all those crazy posts about kidlit served their purpose at the time.

Right now I’ve got videos and an activity guide for Darth Paper Strikes Back to make. Just over a month until he DOES strike back.

Plus, I’m so close to finishing another MS. (One I’ve already sold and which is due at the end of the summer.) I’d love to tell you a bit about it… see there’s this llama with a hat…

Also, I’m back on the bubble with an unsold manuscript I’ve been working on with Sci-Fi author Paul Dellinger. It’s robot book and it should be pretty awesome.
We wrote the whole book over the course of 3 years or so, so the story is complete. But we’ve decided to change it to 1st person. I’ve rewritten 6 or so chapters in 1st person and gotten pretty excited about it. So, we’re showing it to my editor to see what she thinks.

Meanwhile, Cece is so crazy busy that’s it’s not funny. She’s got all these paintings due at the end of the summer for her next picture book. When she finally finishes those, she has to go back to work on her first early reader book.
Both are AWESOME!

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