I’m walking again and other news!

Quite a week around here last week!!!

On Monday I flew to New York for BEA and got to meet with most of the Origami Yoda team! What a great group of people!

On Tuesday, I went to BEA and had a great time at the ABA/ E.B. White Awards. Instead of an acceptance speech, I taught the audience of about 300-400 how to fold Origami Yoda…. with the help of the awesome Peter Brown, who won the E.B. White Picture Book prize. You can see a picture of us here.
I met so many great people at and around BEA! Sadly, I missed some others I’ve been hoping to meet, but I had to fly home

On Wed. (I think) I started listening to the new Recorded Books version of Horton Halfpott. Awesome!

Then Friday was another big day:
I signed two book contracts. These are books I’ve mentioned before, it just took awhile for the contracts to be written up.
One of the books is Fake Mustache, which I’m pretty excited about!

Then I went to physical therapy and LEARNED TO WALK again! (As opposed to hobbling around.) It felt great!


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  1. WOW! Congrats on all accounts. Sorry Joe missed you at BEA. He was there but was swamped. I’m sure your line was waaaaayyyy to long anyway.

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