Burger News

First of all, is it my imagination or did I see a Quadruple Whopper at BK? What?

Second of all, the BIG NEWS regarding Sam Riddleburger is just around the corner. I hope…. it’s going to be good news. Really good news. Just waiting on the official word…

Third of all, I’m excited about the E.B. White award! As a nominee, I’ll get to go to the award ceremony and see Adam Gidwitz win the prize for A Tale Dark and Grimm!!

I’ve got such a huge week coming up… 3 educator/librarian conferences, multiple school visits, two bookstore events, a Virginia Book Festival kidlit author reception and a special show up in NOVA… all in 8 days!!!!

The bad news about having all of that is that even though I will be at th same event as THE MASTER Gary Paulsen, I will not be there on the same day as he will!!! I’m going to miss him! I’ll be three events down the road by the time he gives his speech. RATS!!!!


And then there are these Incredible animated German CGI Origami Yoda videos.

It is so surreal to go online and see these things. Somebody over there in Germany is really really awesome!

Also neat that they have a book on CD of the German version!


And lastly, it looks like Horton Halfpott is off to a good start! I worry about the little guy, but Amulet is really behind him and it looks real good … even in the dark!


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  1. The purpose of the Quadruple Whopper, if confirmed, is to make the Triple Whopper look more reasonable.

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