Cybil & other news

Well, it sure was awesome to win the Cybil award!
I have to wonder if Kneebone Boy wouldn’t have been a better choice, but I’m hardly going to argue the point!
A big part of the fun was hearing from various pals all day! Hooray for pals! It’s nice to have pals! Thank you, pals!

It was also awesome that Meanwhile won for Graphic Novel! You know how much I love that book!

Here are some other items of possible interest:

Sam Riddleburger has GIGANTIC news coming. Sam is just waiting for the people in charge to say, go ahead, Sam, tell the people your gigantic news.

I’ve got some big news in the burner, too. And it involves Jay Asher!

Speaking of Jay Asher… isn’t it awesome that 13 Reasons Why is going to be a movie? I’m going to go ahead and say that I think it will be very, very good.

I recently tracked down that incredible Kenneth Koch poem(?) about teaching polar bears to type. It’s near the bottom of this page.

I’m in the middle of reading “Our Only May Amelia.” Wow. This is a wonderful book.

I recently finished “Odd and the Frost Giants.” Great story. Really, really enjoyed it. I say hand this to a reluctant reader and see what happens.

I am close to needing a personal assistant. There are so many requests for school visits, Skype visits, donations and stuff. I love it all! But I’m no good at keeping all that straight.

I started practicing the diabolo again. Took a while just to remember the many tricks in my ring routine.


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  1. More big news. Sweet!

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