News from Tom AND Sam!

Well, folks, it’s been a big week!

I just got back from the American Booksellers Association Winter Institute.
I had a great time, but I never had the chance to stand up on a chair with a bullhorn and go “I love Indie Bookstores! Thank you all for everything!”
But I felt it in my heart…

And you may have heard that my big secret is no longer a secret… The sequel to Origami Yoda will be Darth Paper Strikes Back!
You can read about it at
Or at Publisher’s Weekly. They ran a really nice story about it.

While I was at the ABA I got an email from my agent. Yes, one of THOSE emails! Nothing signed yet, but it’s going to a whole new book! I hate to keep secrets, but I also hate to blab too much. So, I’ll just let this tantalizing hint out for now: Mimes.

Meanwhile…. Sam is within sight of Tanelorn at last! He may have some really really big, believe-or-not kind of news in the near future! It may be a little while before it comes out, but the important thing is that he’s not wandering around grumbling and muttering anymore.


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