Real life Cheese Touch and other news…

Just watched Wimpy Kid movie again. Man, that is some great stuff! Cece was watching it or the first time and loved it, too. She was impressed by what an awful kid Greg is. hard to believe some (re)viewers thought that was a drawback.

By the way, here’s a real-life Cheese Touch situation I ran into in Blacksburg…

I hope it’s clear in the picture that the cheese had been there for some time…

In other news:

I’m going to be giving away three Horton Halfpott ARCS on Jan. 1.
One at, one on twitter and one somewhere else…


Currently reading: The Salterton Trilogy, a Christmas gift from my wonderful editor! It’s described as a modern day Trollope. One of the main characters is named Griselda … a reference we may suppose to Griselda Grantley the very, very unlikely link (along with Palliser himself) between Barchester Towers and The Palliser Novels.
Oddly, the author Roberston Davies mentions Trollope somewhat unfavorably in the book and semi-complains of Trollope’s “common-sense lovers.”
Common sense? Was Planty Pall showing common sense when he threw himself at Griselda AFTER she had married the Marquis Hartletop?
The book itself — this first one is called Tempest-Tost — is fantastic so far!


By the way, if you ever want to know about a particular Trollope character… go here … it’s amazing!

And I’m rather addicted to online Scrabble at the moment. Let me know if you’re up for a game…


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