All the news from Angle and Riddle…

Actually, Riddle(burger) doesn’t have news yet.
But he has hope, folks. He has hope. Poor old Sam hasn’t had hope in a long time. But things may be changing. Will let you know as soon as there’s something to let you know about.

As for me, I just got back from the ALAN conference in Orlando where I got to see the Horton Halfpott Arc for the first time. And then I got to sign a ton of them for the folks at the conference! It was a great start for this little book. Horton is an underdog, but he’s got a lot going for him including …. a glow-in-the-dark cover by Gilbert Ford!

Actually, I think it’s the windows that are going to glow. (I haven’t seen the actually glowing yet.)

After ALAN I went to the Cayman Islands Children’s book Festival…

Take a look at that picture. What’s awesome about it? (Other than the awesome Cayman kids?) It’s in a movie theater! They brought the kids to a stadium-seating movie theater so Ridley Pearson and I could put on our shows for them. It was a great place to do a show. Everybody could see. Nobody had to sit on the floor up front staring at my knees. The sound system was built in. Carbonated liquid refreshment was available. Etc… Etc… I wish every school visit could be in a movie theater!

And lastly … I just turned in my latest revision for Origami Yoda 2.
I worked on part of it while in the Caymans. Using one finger to type a scene on my iPod! Lots of typos, but they were easy to fix when I got home to my computer. Not sure I could do a whole book that way, but this worked pretty well.


One Response

  1. L.O.V.E. the cover. And what is that font size they used for your name? Like, 28 pts?

    [Doing the I-knew-him-when dance.]

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