News, Nerds, juggling with Sachar & more…

I have been having such a great time, folks!

I just got back from a crazy Pittsburgh/Nashville Booktour.
If you say that those places are no where near each other you’re right! A lot of driving!
Books on CD that got me through: Pride & Prejudice, Three Men and a Maid by P.G. Wodehouse, Little Lord Fauntleroy and Nerds 4 by Michael Buckley!

Not only did Buckley help the miles fly by, when I got to Nashville the man himself made the visit a ton of fun.

We did a panel together about the 21st Century Nerd, we ate at a neon-pig BBQ restaurant and he invited me out to dinner with John Scieszka, Mo Willems and Bryan Batt. That was an unforgettable conversation!

The next night was my chance to meet Louis Sachar at a reception. I was nervous and bumbling, but Mr. Sachar was laid back and friendly. We ended up juggling together! And Sara Lewis Holmes got it on film.

In other news:
The Horton illustrations are in NY now. Book designer Melissa Arnst is putting together a great-looking book for me! It’s going to be inky and messy, just like the story!

O.Y.2 is in NY now, too. I’ve been working on the origami for the cover. But that’s still top secret.

And, yes, I’ve been working on OY3. Mostly in my head so far, but I recently wrote something down. So only 20,000 more words to go.

Meanwhile, Cece and I are still waiting to hear about the EX reader we wrote together and getting ready to submit a picture book. Cece started it on the computer, then decided to handpaint it. It looks amazing!!!

Thanks for checking in!


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