What I’m writing now…

Things are crazy around here. Absolutely crazy.

I have just finished Horton. The revisions to the text, not the 50 final drawings. Many of those still lie ahead and are due by Oct. 1.

I’m also elbow deep in O.Y. 2. It’s due Sept. 30. See a pattern? Luckliy, I’m taking a sabbatical from my newspaper column.

And I just finished revising the MS for Toby, which is currently being pitched to my editor. And I’m still sorta on the bubble for that early reader. So I ‘m on the double bubble.

MEANWHILE, Cece has just finished the initial drawings for a PB we are doing together. We’ve tried a number of joint projects before. Maybe this will be the one to take off. Cece’s drawings are so funny and so perfect!

And this all against the backdrop of lining up all these school visits and book festivals. Like I said crazy. And I’ve still got this unshakeable mystery illness that has been dogging me since late May/early June.


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