News, what I’m reading & drawing Horton Halfpott

A big project this summer is doing the drawings for my next book Horton Halfpott

I first drew Horton many years ago. And I normally just trace him when I want a new drawing. But, I’ve been practicing to learn how to draw him freehand:

He’s hard to draw! The villain, Luther, however is easy. I got him on the first try…

Well, the main news is that I’ve got Lyme disease or some other sort of energy-sapping, possibly tick-delivered malady. But I’m getting by.

It has given me time to read:

Two Asperger’s books — Mockingbird and MindBlind.

Mockingbird is, as you may know, serious business and a serious Newbery contender in my book.

MindBlind is a little more of a slice of life story. Let’s call it “It’s Like This Cat,” with Asperger’s.

Both books give remarkable insights into the brain of an AS kid.

Also, as you may have seen on Twitter, I finally read “Where The Mountain Meets the Moon” and I really, really loved it. Cece’s reading it now and she’s loving it, too.

Meanwhile, my CVN (current Victorian novel) continues to be Thackery’s Pendennis. I’ve been trying to get through this book for what seems like months. It is a seriously long book and the quality/depth/intrigue of the story doesn’t support the length. It needed some serious pruning.

Also, listening to Slaves of Speigel by The Pinkwater. Oh yeah!


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