My Adventure with SuperIndieBookSeller!!!

Man, this has been some week. Last Sunday I started out at an ALA panel with 100 ScopeNotes, MotherReader and TeaCozy Liz at 8 a.m. From then it’s been crazy … meeting awesome authors and librarians, getting WILD news about Origami Yoda and even some WILD news about Horton Halfpott. Plus I juggled for pre-schoolers, wrote my two newspaper items for the week, etc.., etc….

But the strangest moment of the week was a booksigning in the parking lot of a WAWA Convenience Store with none other than the amazing Linda Pisenti of Jabberwocky Books in Fredericksburg!

When all was dark… When I was stuck in traffic on I-95 coming out of Washington…. When it looked like the booksigning would never happen. Linda refused to give up. For one thing, she had promised some customers signed books.

She had already been planning to wait late at her store for me. But I called from the traffic jam to tell her I was going to be real late.

She came up with a plan to meet at a Park-and-Ride near her house. I finally got to that exit and had to head for a gas station. “I’ll meet you there,” she announced by cellphone.

And moments later her blue convertible was pulling into the WAWA.

Right there in the parking lot, I signed a stack of books on the trunk. Linda was in high spirits about the whole thing — not the least bit put out by all of my delays and postponements or having to lug the books all over town. (Or the fact that I got ink on her car…)

We drove off our separate ways. Linda had her signed books and I had the memory of my Adventure with SuperIndieBookSeller!


2 Responses

  1. Stuck on I-95 coming out of Washington … right … EVERYONE uses that excuse … ; – )

    That’s a great story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I met Linda only by phone. She had purchased a Dell Proserro, and was having some issues with our staff back In Texas. After some time on the phone with Linds at Jabberwockye, all was well. But it didn’t stop there; “do you have children?” linda ask. Yes two girls. ” what are their named” continued the conversation. Long story, my girls have some wonderful books from a wonderful lady named Linda. Occasionally I’ll phone and say in my Texas draw; “Howdy, this is Randy with Dell, is that pretty Linda lady there??
    My hats off to wonderful person!!

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