Kal Gug Soo + zuchinni = delicious

Buy Kal Gug Soo instant noodles. (It may say clam flavor, but it doesn’t taste at all like clams.

Start your water boiling.

Put chopped zucchini in the bottom of bowl.

Put in noodles, red pepper, black pepper and flavor, veg packets from Kal Gug Soo package. (Getting the right amount of red pepper takes some trial and error. I like it hot, but it can get too hot.

Pour in boiling water and cover. Wait six minutes. Stir and enjoy!


2 Responses

  1. hey remeber me from the boys and grils club… well i read your book and i thought it was great please write more books.. you should make another qwickpick book

    • Thanks a lot Nathan. It was great meeting you! I do have some other books coming out and there is a chance for another Qwikpick book. It will be called:
      “The Qwikpick Adventure Society and the Search or the Rat with the Human Face!”

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