John Christopher tribute on GeekDad

It seems like this is the right time to create a serious tribute to John Christopher. And I’d like your help doing it.

I’ve written about him on this blog before, of course. This time, I’m hoping others will join me in saluting him on Wired’s GeekDad Website. If you’ll send me your thoughts, drawings, etc… I’ll put them together and post them GeekDad.

John Christopher, real name Sam Youd, is the author of some the best science fiction ever written for young people:

You may know him best by The Tripods — The White Mountains, City of Gold and Lead and The Pool of Fire. In addition to the novels, the story was also printed in comic form in Boys Life.

Other works you might know: The Lotus Caves, The Death of Grass, Fireball, Wild Jack, Empty World and his masterpiece the Sword of the Spirits Trilogy.

(Tripods & Lotus Caves are slated to be movies from Paramount and Walden.)

These books packed in big, mind-expanding ideas and are must reads for today’s kids just as they were for us.

I’d like to put together a GeekDad post that will both honor this writer and remind today’s GeekDad’s to get these books into their Geeklet’s hands.

If you love the books as much as I do, please send me a line or two — and/or an image — which I can add to the post. And please pass this on to anyone else you know who may have something to say.

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3 Responses

  1. Gosh … what to say? … I was first introduced to Christopher by seeing that “Boys’ Life” adaptation, which led me to read Tripods for real.

    I’ve read that trilogy several times, including once out loud to my sons. The books which I read out loud to them are a somewhat-select group — the Narnia Chronicles, “The Hobbit,” Madeline L’Engle’s time trilogy (not the quartet), Tripods, the Prydain Chronicles, and “The Phantom Tollbooth.”

    At your suggestion, I picked up Sword of the Spirits and love it, too. I wish I’d read it when I was a kid.

    I’ll send something along … it’s probably going to be something along the lines of noting that in any crowd of geeks, I can bring up Tripods and it automatically brings us back to childhood memories of when we first discovered it.

  2. I wish I could send a photo of me with the Tripods trilogy, but I always checked them out of the public library, along with Wild Jack and a couple others. Repeatedly. They were some of the first science fiction I ever read– I remember how real the feeling of weight and labor was when I read The City of Gold and Lead. And I kept trying to think of a different ending for The Pool of Fire (!), and kept having to admit the one it had was the right one.

  3. Oh yes, I read the Tripods books a number of times, and the Sword of the Spirits too. I need to reread the latter trilogy, but I remember being wrapped up in it at the time.

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