Yeti Grable!!!

Some of you may not have seen Yeti Grable yet, so I liberated her from Cece’s Website and present her for you here….

Here’s a shot of Betty for comparison:

In case you’re not clued in, Cece is doing an illustration a day, based on words sent in by people on the internets.
People send her adjectives and the names of animals. She puts them on pieces of paper and drops them in seperate cups. She draws out one of each everyday.
In this case, someone sent her the word “erotic.” She wasn’t going to use it at first, since her site is PG and Sock Monkey-friendly.
However, when it got matched up with the word Yeti, she quickly saw the potential and Yeti Grable was the result.
To see what she comes up with every day, visit her site:

If you have adjectives or animals you want her to try, you can leave them in a comment here or there and they’ll get added to the list. (Remember the PG part.)


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