What I’m writing/reading/no longer reading now

Well, I may have just finished another round with the “Llama with a Hat 2” ms. So much of the book just poured out but the ending is taking serious work.

Finished quite a few books in the last few days:

Finally came to the end of “The Shuttle” by Francis Hodgson Burnett. That really took some time. Seems like I’ve been blogging about it for months.
In the end somewhat disappointing. Final chapter flat and … yet again, a fantastic feminist heroine ends up needing a man to get her out of trouble.

“More William” by Richmal Crompton.
These short stories are very much like Paddington. Except there’s a little boy who causes all the trouble instead of a stuffed bear. Also, the little boy is PURE EVIL! Actually, amoral might be a better term. He’s a great anti-hero.

I also finished “The Minotaur” by Barbara Vine. I think Barbara Vine — who is Ruth Rendell’s literary alter-ego — is a fantastic writer. But the ending of this book felt a little flat, too. After the power-ending of Grasshopper, I was expecting something more, another shoe to drop perhaps.

Seems like I finished another big book recently, too, but I can’t recall what it was! Very odd when I reach the end of a bunch of books simultaneously.

Perhaps it was Trollope’s “Is He Poppinjoy?” That was a good, but not great, Trollope.

I just started “The Lost Kingdom” by Chester Bryant and “The History of Pendennis” by Thackery.


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