The People Who Made Origami Yoda!

Without the fantastic people of Amulet, “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” would be just another unwanted MS on my hard-drive somewhere!

I finally got a chance to meet them in NY this week.  I was quite a bit in awe… so much so that I had this picture taken with my cell phone instead of the real camera I had lugged all the way throughthe city.

Starting in the back row, that’s me…

then Chad Beckerman, the Admiral Ackbar of book design, who doodled the sketch for the cover of the book.

then Susan van Metre, my editor, who liked the book, shaped the book, titled the book, folded Yodas to promote the book and is so good to the book in a million ways. A much better picture of Susan and me.

then Melissa Arnst, who designed the cover and the interiors of the book. All the cool stuff in there — like, the wrinkled pages — is her doing.

In the front row, we have my wife, Cece Bell (who had a lot to do with the book as well.)

then Erica Kochman the enthusiastic person who’s actually getting the book into stores!

Two more people at Amulet who have done so much to promote Origami Yoda are not in this picture — Jason Wells and Laura Mihalick!

And then there’s my agent, Caryn Wiseman… Once again working behind the scenes to make things happen … in this case taking the photo!


3 Responses

  1. Very cool! Though I wanted to see Caryn, too!

  2. Stay tuned i am working on the evolution of the Origami Yoda cover for my blog

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