Have you seen the Parnell Hall video?

I saw this over at Cynsations. It’s a music video by Parnell Hall for his song: “I’m signing in the Walden Books and nobody’s there.”

Were I the type of person who writes “squee,” I might do it for this video.

His scene with Mary Higgins Clark is not unlike Sam’s adventure with Rick Riordan. Have you ever gotten over that Sam?

Sam: No, I have not.

By the way, Parnell Hall’s new book seems to be everywhere, so I think brighter days are ahead of him.


4 Responses

  1. :sniff: … :sniff: …

    Our local Waldenbooks has closed. That gives us no regular bookstore, chain or independent, within about 30 miles.


    Sigh …

    Oh, okay. I’m over it.

    Very cute. If my father-in-law can handle the very-country tune, he might get a kick out of it. He’s been doing signings for the Desert Magic trilogy (notice how I slipped that plug in there?).

  2. I heart Parnell! And I DID get him to sign a book for me once. I think I may have walked right past Mary Higgins Clark, in fact. Anyone who can write mysteries with crosswords in them has my undying admiration!

  3. So funny. So painfully funny.

  4. This is brilliant. I think I need to learn to play it!

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