Who has dibs on the Fake Prom YA future bestseller?

Have you heard this story about the fake prom held to keep a lesbian high-school from going to the real one?

I assume several YA editors are outside her house right now waving money.

I mean that is an incredible story in the making — once given a proper John Hughes ending, of course, in which the girl and the seven other people who went to the fake prom have the time of their lives while the people at the “real” prom all get food poisoning and vomit on each other.


3 Responses

  1. I hope she does get a John Hughes ending. The ending she got was just too sad.

  2. This whole thing was just too insane to believe. It would be one thing if a bunch of idiot high schoolers plotted together to trick this girl into showing up to a fake prom, but the fact that the parents were in on it as well is incredible. Not to mention that two special education students were also directed to the fake prom… way to keep out the ‘undesirables’ you nasty little hick-filled high school.

  3. Apparently, two of the other seven were learning disabled. Apparently, they weren’t cool enough for the “real” prom, either.

    I’m with you, this would be a great story. I’ve heard people citing “I’m with Coco,” which does sound like a great title, doesn’t it?

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