Cece still amazes me…

I’ve known Cece for over 20 years now! And I’ve been her biggest fan for 20 years, as well.

But she still has the power to knock my socks off with her awesome illustration skills. Her latest project — though wordless — also shows off her storytelling skills.

Every day, she’s choosing a random animal name and a random adjective and then drawing it. (She’s also randomly choosing the colors she’s allowed to use.) The drawing above was Well-dressed snapping turtle in green and black.

Today’s was “thieving sloth in red and orange” and look at the result… WOW!

Here is the previous day’s: Uncomfortable ostrich in yellow and orange.


One Response

  1. Waiting for her to hang out the shingle on that Etsy shop… I heart Snapping Turtle!

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