What I’m reading now: The Shuttle by Francis Hodgson Burnett

I guess we all have more than one book going at once these days.
I was reading a Trollope novel at night and listening to Burnett’s “The Shuttle” by day.

I had just finished “The Secret Garden” (yet again) and wanted to try something by her I hadn’t heard of before.

Well, I soon had trouble distinguishing the books! Seriously, “The Shuttle” could easily be a Trollope. At one point today while listening, I thought “There goes Trollope…” But of course it wasn’t him, it was her!

The plot is PURE Trollope. The villain is PURE Trollope. And the heroine … well, she’s maybe not quite smart enough to be a Trollope heroine.

Of course, the book also lacks Trollope’s odd digressions, musings on novel writing, etc… And so far, no politics.

The upshot is, that I’m having trouble remembering what the Trollope novel I was reading was about. For one thing the plots are similar. So I’ve decided to suspend reading of the Trollope until I’ve finished the Shuttle.
For my night reading, I’ll be delving further into … The Secret of the Andes!


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