Self-doubt has lifted! Writer’s block gone!

I’ve been working on a project which I suppose I should call Llama in a Hat II.
I took a break when I went on that book tour and when I got back I just couldn’t get back into writing. Partly a problem of finding time, peace and quiet. Partly the distraction of constantly googling “Origami Yoda” to see how that one is doing. Partly worry that it won’t be as good as Llama in a Hat 1.
I got one chance to sit down and write and it was just horrible. It was like trying to bend plywood against the grain. (See “Tom builds his own boat.”)

But it’s gone now. For one thing I realized that I had really written quite a lot. And I realized that I really liked some of it a lot. And some of it really seems “true” now. I’ve accepted it as part of the big story arc.
I also think that the ending I visualized for the book was not true to one of the characters. So I’m rethinking that and that’s good.
So I’ve had two productive sessions today and I’m pretty happy with it. There’s still some worry, but it’s less self-doubt and more just regular doubt.


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