What I’m reading/watching now…

Just finished Alice Adams by Booth Tarkington. Fantastic book. What an ending!

In the middle of listening to “Secret Garden.” You don’t need me to tell you this is one of the very best kids books ever written. When I’m finished I’m planning to read another of F.H.B.’s books, called The Shuttle. Anyone read it?

Just begun Trollope’s “The McDermot’s” but may drop it. I just can’t stand “translating” all that dialect. That’s what turned me off of “Headlong Hall” and “Adam Bede,” as well.

As for watching…
Adventures of Pete and Pete, episode: “Yellow Fever.”

I’ve got the Origami documentary “Between the Folds” in my possession. Now I just need the time to watch it.


3 Responses

  1. “Yellow Fever”—one of the finest television stories ever produced.

  2. I didn’t know FHB wrote for adults! Don’t miss The Lost Prince if you like spying, worship-worthy fathers, exiled royalty, genteel poverty, all that. “Here grows a man for Samavia– God be thanked!”

  3. I’m reading this funny, goofy, AWESOME book about a kid with a finger puppet.

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